Friday, September 26, 2008

Munich to Milan

The last couple of days have been fun! On Thursday, we had a show in Munich, where the audience was rather reserved, but seemed to enjoy the show. At the end, when Stevie spoke about his support for Obama, an audience member stood and held a McCain for President sign above his head. I didn’t actually read the sign, but thought it rather rude to have displayed it during the concert, given Stevie’s support of Obama. To each his own… We left Germany and drove all night to Italy.

Friday morning, we arrived at the hotel in Milan, across the street from the venue. The Italians are certainly different! During most shows, we all make attempts to connect with audience members. For the Milan concert, the audience members were connecting with us! Audience members were filming us with their cell phones, smiling, and waving much more than anywhere else we’ve been. Narada Michael Walden attended the show and came backstage afterwards. He and his guests loved the show. Narada has seen the show a few times, and claims that it’s better now than ever! Next stop Paris!

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