Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

I woke up this morning and went for a walk in Hyde Park. I quickly came across a rose garden and rather than continue on the running path, I ventured into the rose garden.

Just a few days ago, I had watched a program on the BBC that addressed the differences between the standard red rose that I’ve seen so often in the USA, and the traditional English Rose, so my curiosity was piqued. I walked up to a lovely light pink rose in full bloom, pulled it gently to my face, checked for bees (to be sure I wouldn’t be stung!), closed my eyes and took a sniff. Heaven! I must say that I had never smelled a more beautiful rose. I became hypnotized and swooned from the scent. It was simply beautiful! I spent the next 20 minutes wandering from one rose bush to the next, seeking more rose scents. Some were similar to the standard red rose, meaning they were only moderately fragrant; others were similar to the first rose, but none as spectacular. I will have to return and ask someone who might be an expert what type of rose that was.

I returned to the hotel, had breakfast, went to the gym, took my daily nap, and then went to the BBC Studios to do sound check for the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross TV show. Everyone at the studio was really nice, and Jonathan was hilarious! The dressing rooms were heated to a high temperature (comfortable for me, sweltering for everyone else), but the studio itself was quite cool; perhaps not as cold as the notoriously frigid David Letterman set, but definitely cool. Stevie did his interview with Jonathan, and then the band came up from the dressing rooms and performed. We played “Superstition” and “I Was Made To Love Her”, followed by a medley of a series of songs. We all had a great time!

At BBC Studios, before and after makeup and hair...

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Xavierism said...

Nothing like coming across a beautiful garden. I love the pics! Glad to see you're enjoying & loving your musical world...