Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Day Off in England

This morning I woke and went outside for a morning walk/run. The weather is damp and cool (no surprise there!) but the environment is quite lovely. The buildings make me imagine that I’ve been transported to a bygone era. The sense of history in Europe is virtually palpable. It’s in the air!

My walk was followed by a workout in the gym. Without question, this was the nicest gym I’ve EVER seen in a hotel. Ever! The gym had everything you could possibly need for a great workout, just as in a top quality commercial gym. I loved it!

After a rather decent continental breakfast, we headed off to rehearsal again where we ran the set list and potential additional songs. After rehearsal, we boarded our official tour busses and traveled to Birmingham, where we checked into a very chic, modern hotel. I didn’t bring the right kind of adapter or power converter, but thankfully, the hotel loaned me a power converter and adapter. Phew! Otherwise, I’d have never been able to get any practicing done. We have our first show tomorrow evening!

The lounge in the tour bus

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