Sunday, June 12, 2016

Social media diet

That felt so good.
A whole week without social media.

Last week, when I landed in Los Angeles, I decided that I needed a break from social media, and to spend more time connecting with people in real life.  I spent time with my loved ones, went to a few parties, played piano, and enjoyed my life.

I'm always trying to find ways to live in excellence and be as healthy as possible. In that effort, I subscribe to a variety of podcasts and newsletters (Tim Ferriss and Marie Forleo are two of my favorite). Recently, I listened to Tim talk about how he takes a 4 week break from being online on occasion. I can't really afford to do that at this point, but I took 9 days off.

Let me tell you!! It was so refreshing!  I did check my job related email messages, but that's it. No posting, no surfing, no commenting. Just real life. I highly recommend it.
Time to fly again.
Finally heading back to Europe.
Up and away.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Reminiscence / Resolution

Happy New Year! Like everyone, I had ups and downs in 2015, but overall it was a very good year: I successfully completed a fundraising campaign, finished my first album, made my first music video, completed my first house concert tour, a great CD Release Concert (nearly sold out!), found a wonderfully lovely partner, experienced improved health and wealth, and continued beautiful relationships with friends and family.  I (finally) got furniture - including a dining table and chairs!  No more living like a monk, eating meals on the floor while sitting on a yoga mat! I guess it's time to start throwing dinner parties!! Yay!!

In 2015, several of my friends lost a parent (Jeannine, Zoe, Ashling, Cynthia, the Birchers, among others), bringing to mind the mortality of my own parents.  I try to be grateful for them, as well as my extended family and friends, everyday.

After so many years of fabulous touring and television, I'm back to the world of the hustling artist (no fabulous, celebrity based gig at the moment), but for the first time I'm promoting myself as a recording and performing artist in my own right, booking my own gigs!  It's a major evolution for me.  It's not easy, but is definitely and incredibly thrilling!  Having an audience sing my song along with me? Priceless...

I wish you all a most beautiful, prosperous, healthy, happy and purposeful 2016!  May all your dreams come true, may your best efforts come to fruition, may your life be an example of love, light and joy.  Let there be peace on Earth...


I'm a perfectionistic, workaholic.  I don't have any vices (seriously...ask anyone who knows me), or typical, run-of-the-mill bad habits. Given my inclinations, I think the most useful resolution for me is to plan to take a real vacation in 2016.  I observe my friends and family members with "real jobs" as they talk about their annual vacations and weekends away, but never, and I mean never, make plans for myself to purposefully relax.

So, I resolve that in 2016, I will make a conscious effort to not be a non-stop work machine, and to actually plan a real vacation (at least 7 days away from work - yikes!!!) sometime before October 2016.

What's your resolution?

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