Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Concert in Mannheim

What a great night! Today I woke up feeling quite exhausted. I slept until 10am, then got up and went for a short run, ate breakfast, took a bath and went back to sleep until just before 3pm, when we left for the SAP Arena. The show went really well, but the best moment of all for me was when Stevie sang “Happy Birthday” to me! I was totally caught off guard, and loved the beautiful surprise! He even changed the lyrics to be reflective of me. It was an incredibly humbling and lovely moment. I couldn’t stop grinning. I grinned so much that my cheeks hurt! It seemed as if everyone was in on the secret.

Stevie sings Happy Birthday to me

Once back at the hotel, several of us gathered in the lounge and they toasted me. There was a piano in the lounge and I played, Roman played, and several people sang. Keith sang “For the Love of You” beautifully! Everyone is so talented. What a beautiful birthday…and it’s just starting! Yippee!

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