Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Day Off in Manchester

Finally another day off! Today, I basically slept, responded to email, went for a walk through town, in the cold and rainy weather, updated my blog, slept, ate dinner with a group from the tour, and returned to the hotel in order to finish my email, blog and ironing. I decided to unpack and repack my luggage, and now at 2:30am, I’m regretting that decision. All I want to do it go to sleep. Lol Well, I’ll probably put in another few minutes and then pass out. Back to work tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Victoria!
Firstable, Happy Birthday to you !
I'm born in October like you and my birthday are soon :)
I want to thank you for your fantastic play in all Stevie's cocnerts.You're awsome for me.I wonder do you like Chopin music ??
I was at 7 concerts (2 in Manchester,3 in London and 2 in Rotterdam )and still I'm not enough of Stevie's music.
Thank you for your blog about this tour. I miss to see you with Stevie next time in futre.
Best regards from Polish fan.
I wanted to meet you after talk with you little bit but I didn't know how to convince Milton or Keith to let me in. Finally, I met Stevie in Manchester but couldn't meet you personally.
On the end I want to add that that your very cute gril. Thanks for reading my comments.I couldn't fing your private email address so I decide I'll post some of my thoughts here.