Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Day Off!!

Today we had a day off and I invited everyone to my house for dinner. My mother, aunts and sisters all came through and set up a delicious dinner for us. It was a huge success!! Everyone loved the food and a good time was had by all. My niece Naomi even danced a couple of hula dances for everyone. She had all of the women in tears with her beautiful performance. I wish I’d had the thought to film it, but I didn’t. Oh well! It was a beautiful day!

After dinner, Stanley and Kyle went with me and my friends Sundra and Maya to see fantastic guitarist/pianist Stanley Jordan. My friend David “Fingers” Haynes was on drums and Charnett Moffett was on bass. The concert was awesome! My favorite was the final piece, played solo by Stanely on guitar, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Stanley also performed a movement from a Mozart Symphony. His playing was sublime, and he inspired me to increase my compositional creativity in a similar fashion.

All in all, it was a fantastic day off! : >

Me with the group, Me with David Haynes, Me with Stanley Jordan

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Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

I came to see the show on 9/11 at the O2 in London last night and was utterly blown away. I work in the UK as a professional keys player and you have obviously got the job that we all dream of doing.Good luck for the rest of the tour and don't ever forget how lucky you are to have such a great job! You and the band sound absolutely superb.

Much love, Simon Heeley (