Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Concord Concert

Back home to the Bay Area! It hit a high of 111° on Tuesday afternoon. It was so hot that we could barely even do a sound check. We ran through 2 songs and raced back to the refuge of the subterranean dressing rooms. I don’t usually sweat on stage (I’m a tropical type, and like it warm), but tonight? I was drenched. I felt sorry for the people in the audience who experienced near heat stroke conditions. My poor mom and uncle were suffering badly. My mom usually dances the entire concert. I don’t recall having seen her dance at all tonight.

Nonetheless, the show went well. Stevie showed no signs of fatigue or being overheated (he’s amazing), and the band just did what we do! Heat, lights and all!

Several more friends and family attended the concert, and everyone had a great time. My sister Nina came and spent the day with me, which was lovely. She took these photos of me, and tried to get candid photos. It's really difficult for me not to pose when I see a camera! lol

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