Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tilly Key at Maxwell’s

Last night I performed with Tilly Key at Maxwell’s in Oakland. The band consisted of some of my favorite local musicians: Troy Lampkins (bass), Dante McClinton (drums) and Ken Harrill (guitar). The show went well, despite my having had a headache all day and feeling utterly exhausted. Somehow, my energy came up to do the show. Tilly’s got some great new songs, and the audience reaction was strong. So much so that they wanted to hear her single twice in a row!

In the second set, Bay Area legend D'Wayne Wiggins joined us onstage to perform Tilly’s song “It’s Up To Me”, a rock-influenced ode to self-determination. Dwayne also brought his talented sax player Rodney to the show, who played on several tunes with us. It was a fun night!

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