Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yoga in the garden!

I try to practice yoga every morning.  Doing yoga is a calming way to begin the day, great exercise and a healthy practice, but on the mornings I don't make it to class, I usually do my own routine at home in my office.

I don't get direct sunlight in my office until the late afternoon, so in the mornings, it's a bit chilly in there.  This morning, it happened to be especially beautiful and already warm, so I decided to grab my yoga mat and head outdoors into my yard.  I laid the mat on the concrete, facing away from the sun and towards my roses, and my apple and cherry trees, all coming into blossom.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I do believe that this will be my practice from now, at least on warm, sunny days!

I'm truly grateful to have a beautiful home, with space to offer praise through moving meditation.  Namaste...

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