Thursday, June 19, 2008

Opening Night!

Tonight we performed at Jones Beach, opening night for the tour! Overall it went pretty well. Of course as we do the show, and nail down a basic set list, it'll only get better. But tonight Stevie pushed me musically! He's quite enamored of two challenging jazz pieces, Spain by Chic Corea, and Giant Steps by John Coltrane. Of course, the band knows these tunes, but Stevie, with that unbelievable ear and musical prowess, enjoys playing them in various other keys. About 2 weeks ago, Stevie decided to start performing Spain in Eb minor (as opposed to the original E minor) so that he could do a more direct segue to and from any number of his tunes in Eb Major or minor. No problem. So, the band learned Spain in Eb minor, performing only the B and C sections of the tune.

Two days ago, Stevie added the A section of the tune. No problem. The band added the A section in Eb minor to the repertoire. Then all of a sudden tonight, during the concert, Stevie asked me to play the rubato introduction to the tune…in front of the crowd…unrehearsed and unannounced…in Eb minor. YIKES!!!!!

Well, thankfully I had been listening to the tune this morning as I got dressed. Something told me that I should listen to it (I'm so grateful for that small voice that speaks to me so often!) today, and thank God I did! Despite not being fully certain of the melody to the introduction (which I'd never played before), I forged ahead with confidence. Though I did make some melodic errors, I managed to get through it for the most part unscathed. But I must say that I'm proud of myself for going for it! Trust me though…tomorrow night I will be ready! I have already been listening to the intro as I've been preparing for sleep and will do some serious shedding on the tune in the morning…in Eb minor! I am extremely grateful for the way that this experience is expanding me as a musician. The musical challenge and adventure are unparalleled and simply beautiful. I am so excited about where this will take me! Wow…

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DJA said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks so much for posting this -- it is fascinating to hear your "inside the band" perspective. Truly unbelievably great show! I hope you can keep us posted as the tour progresses.