Sunday, August 04, 2013

My first weekend living in LA

As I left my house in the Bay Area, I suddenly started crying. No different from the day I was hired by Stevie Wonder: I was overcome by the emotions of gratitude, excitement and the release of the known as I stepped away from everything and everyone I love all for the sake of music.

We drove Highway 5 and miraculously didn't encounter any traffic.  My BF drove, with me in the passenger seat, my old car.  (And yes, I'm proud of myself for buying a used car that I will drive until I've budgeted and saved up for a new car!  I'm all about fiscal responsibility, friends!)  We took a break right before the Grapevine, had lunch, and then climbed back into the car for the long haul up and over the mountains.

We finally pulled up to my new home the afternoon of September 3, thus marking the beginning of my new journey.  Here we go...

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