Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Epiphany: time to curb social networking

Yesterday, my family experienced a near disaster that could have resulted in the loss of two of my beloved young relatives. Thankfully, my brilliant nephew was able to think clearly and take immediate action to prevent a horrible accident.

The incident made me think about how precious life is and how little time we all truly have.  I work really hard, but still find that I often don't have enough time to do everything I need to do. I am a really caring, empathetic person, genuinely interested in people's stories. However, I can't tell you how many hours I've spent online tracking other people's my own life ticks away...without a finished, full length, published CD. I can't do this anymore.

I am shutting down my personal Facebook page so that I can better focus on what I need to do.  Although I appreciate all the love that so many people send me in the form of email messages, comments, “likes”, etc., when I add up the time spent responding to everyone (as is my natural inclination), I could have completed my CD...maybe 2 CDs.

I have to retrain myself to not be so distracted by social networking.  I will continue to post on various sites about the Arsenio Hall Show, gigs with Stevie Wonder and my own gigs, but otherwise, at least for the next several months, I will be severely limited in responding to the many messages and posts that I receive.  I can only imagine how many more will be coming in once the show starts airing, so I better get ready now!  I have to practice time management at an entirely new level.

Please know that I'm not "going Hollywood" or "forgetting the little people". I'm just trying to do what I know I need to do to prepare myself for a huge change - because I KNOW that Arsenio's show will be a success!

Please join my fan page, come to my shows and send me your love. I will continue to pray for all of you, and encourage you all to pursue your highest dreams and make your visions reality. Find a way to be a blessing in the world. That's what I'm striving to do. Let's make this world a better place! Carpe diem, my friends!

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Tracy James said...

Respected!!! Carry on Victoria!!!! I'm cutting my nails way down!!!! Lolol Love you and continued success, blessings and musical happiness!!!! You and your family have my prayers!!!

Raymond Coats said...

I went to your page Victoria and I entirely understand why you are working on "time management"! Right on. Your blog was perfectly clear. You know Tony Saunders don't you? I call him "the mad wizard" he is a great one to help you get that CD done. He did mine and I don't know a tenth of the things that you do.

Ginger Gray said...

Many blessings Victoria..I'll stay in contact through your Uncle Eric, and my sister Cookie.. I love you.. Ginger.. Do what you gotta do this is your life, take care of it!!

Mikko V said...

I understand your decision, but personally I don't like it. I asked you to be my FB friend, few years a go, after I saw you on Stevie W Bluray disk, which I bought.
It meant a lot to me that you actually accept me in FB. Your FB posts has been so much more than e.g. someones Twitter tweets, your posts are kind of personal..even when you waiting a plane in airport somewhere.
I haven't comment a lot of your posts but I always read them. When you posts something about your training or rehearsal periods, I have use you as an example to my students of how much you have to work if you wanna be top musician.

In these years I haven't see you here in Northern Europe and I believe our television channels doesn't show Arsenio's show here. But I still have that Bluray. I understand and miss you (in Facebook)!
You are a great person and musician!


VictorM said...

I'm glad all turned out positive. I hear ya..get that CD done. I know where to find ya..Victor

VictorM said...

You got this..Glad all turned out well on the home front. I get your pull is going to be waaaay different... Get that CD done. Major success to you.

Angelo Tomandl said...

Hey Vicky,

You go to do what you got to do. I know a lot about life changing in other circumstances, and stay focus in a professional level is what makes the difference in the music market or in different arenas.

Big respect, and you don't need luck. Your professionalism is what takes you where you are, and of course is good to "Estar buena" :)

Linda Thorlakson said...

You are as wise as you are musical (and a great role model for those of us whose lives could benefit significantly by following in your footsteps through curbing our own social networking).

Anonymous said...

I wish I could put into word how much those of us love and care about you. You could ignore us for weeks and be a total 'B Word' to us and we would still love you. Focus on you right now. We will always have your back, no matter what comes. We are enjoying the show and watching you blast off into a world most of us only dream of. I love you, Bean