Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inauguration event #1: Candlelight Celebration

We arrived at the venue after a circuitous 50 minute drive thru unrelenting traffic, passed through several security stations and finally ended up in a corridor heading to our holding area. I had decided to wait until I got to the venue to do my make up, and after the unexpectedly long drive, I didn't have much time. Just as I finished applying my foundation, I heard the announcement for Vice President Biden and his wife Jill, grabbed my camera and dashes over to the best vantage point possible.

After making a short speech, the Vice President introduced President Obama and Michelle. I was so excited! I listened to both of them speak for a few minutes, but still had to go finish my make up. I had just enough time to finish before being called to the stage area. My stage position is stage right (to the left, if you're in the audience), and I walked in that direction, only to be stopped by secret service. "M'am, you need to go the other way" was the terse instruction. Complying with the agent's request, I started to turn and head back to the other side of the stage, and happened to look up to see the President standing right there, about 30 feet away from me! He had such a lovely spirit of calm and kindness, I immediately felt even more admiration for him. I had to go on stage, so I didn't have time (or nerve) to wave, speak or take a photo, but I hope to get another chance. Possibly tomorrow...

The show was great! One amazing Stevie tune after the next, and I danced so hard, my wireless headset pack flew off of my dress! Thankfully, our stage manager was nearby and could quickly reconnect me! What a beautiful day...and what an HONOR! Grateful...

 President Obama and Mrs. Obama, Vice-President Biden and Mrs. Biden

The crowd

The ticket, held by one of the attendees.

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