Monday, November 26, 2012


When creating a musical set list (an agenda for a live performance), if performing music that the audience will be familiar with, one has to consider: do I choose to perform the chosen songs in a manner that reflects the original recording or do I change the style / key / meter / instrumentation, etc? I've chosen 6 cover tunes for my upcoming show at Piedmont Piano (shameless plug: Dec 7 @ 8pm - don't miss it!! Victoria Theodore - Grateful EP Release Concert), including a Stevie Wonder tune that I infused with a little Bach flavor! I'm really happy with my arrangements, but wow! It was more work than I anticipated. Now they're done and it's time for me to focus on practicing and being performance ready. So, on that note, I log off of the social networks...again...and get to the keyboard as I sit in my quiet little hotel room. I say it all the time, offering it as a suggestion to you, my readers, but also to myself: Carpe Diem!

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