Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing Habit

So, I've taken up this new task of waking up at 7am every morning (awfully difficult for a vampire musician like myself) and spending 30 minutes writing.  The purpose is to free my creative mind and hope that it will yield a bounty of compositions, essays, screenplays, choreography, recipes, cures for infectious disease, the secret of the Universe, etc.  I have yet to confirm that it's a valid form of creative impetus, but I suppose time will tell.  Speaking of time: it's time to get back to practice for my wedding gig tomorrow evening.  I have a few gigs coming up in November, and I will definitely let you all know about those in time.  For now, I'm keeping to my other new task (which I often fail miserably at meeting) of avoiding going online except for 2 distinct time periods per week - now being one of those times...although it was really supposed to take place this morning.  Oops!

I wish you a lovely weekend!

Blessings & Music, my dears!

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