Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another musical weekend

Wow! What a busy weekend! I performed at E-22 Café Friday night, and had fun playing with Robert Temple (performing some of his really nice original songs), my friend and student Chris and her friend Chris (both great singers), and a trio of enthusiastic teenagers with songs I didn't know, but learned quickly by listening briefly to an iPod. I love when kids have the courage to get up and sing what they love in front of a crowd.

Saturday night played for Signatures Salon's Anniversary party. Joi Gayles is the proprietor, and I tried out her services (hair, facial, aromatherapy, etc.) Friday morning. It was all amazing, and my hair is looking beautiful! Maybe that's why I had the energy to make it through the weekend! I was joined in the band at the party Saturday night by Kymberly Jackson, Arlington Houston and Alex Kamages. It's always fun to perform with Kymberly and Arlington, and Alex (usually a drummer for punk rock bands) did a fantastic job keeping up with the mostly jazz, R&B and pop/dance material!

This morning, I played at church with Tommie Bradford and Dan Parenti. As usual, the choir at Tommie's church and the band, of course, was on fire! It was a spirit filled morning! After service, I rushed home to change and head out to perform at the Bayview Festival with Adesha & Seven. Unfortunately, the wind was incredibly strong, and detritus, music stands, microphones, and especially, it seemed, my hair was flying EVERYWHERE. I was freezing, so my hands were stiff from cold, and my brain didn't function at full capacity because my body was too busy trying to retain heat. Nonetheless, I had fun playing with the excellent band: Adesha, band leader Aaron Baugh, Brian Braziel, Julian, Toya and Yolanda. Despite the adversity of the weather, the band sounded great. Thanks again to Ken for making me sound good! ; >

After the show, we shared a delicious Italian meal, and, as I'm sure you can tell from the degradation of my writing ability, now I'm sleepy and ready to pass out! It was a good weekend!

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