Monday, November 09, 2009

E-22 Café & Marcellos this weekend

This weekend, I performed at E-22 Café and Marcello’s again. The weather had been rainy and dreary, so I had plenty reason to expect a low turnout…but I had great crowds both nights! Both venues were packed with friends who came to hear me perform! For those of you who are not performers, we artists so appreciate when people come to a show. We put so much time and effort into honing our craft, learning material that we think people will enjoy. When people actually take time out of their busy lives to attend a show, it means all the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who offers me their support, whether by their physical presence, or from the love that I feel directed towards me. I love you!!!

At a diner, after the gig:

Thanks specifically to Amy, Linda, Stephina for their presence, to Bruce, Brad, John, Dwayne and Andrew for singing, and extra special thanks to Dale and Andre for playing percussion and making it a real party! And the party continued on Saturday night, thanks to Jeff, Ken, Kristin, Heather, Tecora and Evie for their presence, to Dale and Carl for playing percussion, and for Bruce, Stev, Michelle, John, Michael for bringing the house down with their voices! I love you all!

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dorsey said...

People know when they are in the presence of something or someone special.You are truly special that's why you receive the love that you feel.That love is truly genuine from all.A beautiful aura need not be seen to be felt.Example= Stevie choosing you to accompany Tony Bennett and himself on stage in MSG that night.You truly shine with the radiance of God's light!