Tuesday, October 27, 2009

REHEARSAL DAY 1 - I can't get sick!!!

On Tuesday, we actually had a rehearsal! Over the past few days, during sound check, the band had been working on arrangements of the songs we’d be performing with various artists for the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert on Thursday. Today we focused solely on those songs, honing them and getting our performance in shape. It was a long day, and I had started feeling sick: stuffy nose, sneezing, aching, feeling slightly feverish. As usual, I’d packed my various natural remedies for illness, vitamins, teas, tinctures, etc., as I’m very hesitant to resort to drugs to alleviate my suffering. On this trip, I also packed a bottle of hydrogen-peroxide.

My mother has been a huge advocate of H2O2 for years, entreating me to gargle with it at the very first sign of illness. I’d tried gargling a 3% H2O2 solution before to no avail. It just never seemed to work for me. However, recently, I had the idea that I’d try swabbing it around in my sinuses, thinking that perhaps it would kill the germs/bacteria/virus/whatever it may be that was the source of my misery. Eureka! I believe I’ve fallen upon an amazing cure for the common cold. Well, at least it seems to be helping me get over a cold much faster than anything else.

Here’s the harsh part: it BURNS! Having been forewarned, here’s what I tried: I soaked a cotton ball with H2O2, and dripped a drop into my sinuses. OUCH!!!! Determined not to be sick for the rehearsal, and definitely not for the main event, I repeated this every 3-4 hours for a day. By Wednesday night, I felt COMPLETELY healthy again. Can I attribute it to the H2O2? I don’t know. I am wary of using it too much, but in an emergency situation, I’ve never had anything be as effective. I researched online about the safety of using H2O2 in my sinuses, and couldn’t find anything pro or con that was definitive. I just know I felt better. Hm…

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