Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morocco: Sight-seeing in Rabat

This morning I woke up at 7am, stressing about not having my luggage. So, as is my tendency, I decided to use this bit of adversity to my advantage, and meditated on being at peace, despite the annoyance of not having my personal items, keyboard, clothes, etc. I dozed in and out of sleep for the following 3 hours, and finally decided to get up at 10am. I had no appetite, but went downstairs and made myself consume a glass of orange juice and a small cookie, as I waited for my band mate, Ryan, whose luggage was also lost, to meet me for a ride to a local grocery store to purchase personal items. I’ve had a great time using my very poor French around town, and occasionally getting up the nerve to use the Classical Arabic that I learned on the flight here, and had an opportunity to impress the storekeeper with my efforts after making my purchase.

Once we returned to the hotel, I decided to sit down for a formal lunch while waiting for the hour to pass before our scheduled tour of Rabat. At 1pm, everyone met in the lobby, and our tour guide, Wisal, showed us to the most famous mosque in Rabat, the beach, and a marketplace called Medina. I found a few trinkets to return home with, beautiful, small items which are sure to bring smiles to my loved ones. We spent the bulk of the day touring around, each of us variably sight-seeing and occasionally napping in the tour bus while driving, stopping for dinner at the local TGIF restaurant, and then heading back to the hotel. I only had a bowl of soup at TGIF, as I was still rather full from my lunch of pasta with tomatoes and basil, and bread with butter, and so back at the hotel, I was famished. But before I could think about food, I was informed that my luggage had been delivered! I was thrilled! What a relief to see my belongings! Fully pleased with the turn of events, my attention returned to the subject of food. Several of us met at one of the hotel restaurants and literally shut the place down with good food, good humor, and good conversation. Fun day!

Driving in Rabat

The oldest and most famous mosque in Rabat, Hassan Mosque, started in the 12th century but never completed

Musée de Oudaïa

Walking through town, passing beautiful doors

The guys can't resist performing

The beach

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted these messeages on your blog. Morroco looks kinda plain. Still praying for you to have a safe return home. Love Ya, Bean.