Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arriving in Morocco!

I'm elated, and disappointed: I have arrived in Morocco! But, alas my luggage is missing. Sigh. I’m working hard to maintain a positive attitude despite the incredible irritation of having nothing to wear, no toiletries, no cute shoes, no pajamas, no portable keyboard, etc. After all, I’m in Africa! I’m going to be performing in front of thousands and thousands of people! Hopefully, my luggage will arrive by the morning so that I can change clothes and get around town.

Here are a few photos of what I saw today:

Approaching the airport

Driving to the hotel

A road sign on the way to the hotel




Terry said...

Hey there Victoria!

Remember me, your buddy from Jet Blue? I was hoping you were going to be at the Broadest Grill since I was planning on surprising you with my boyfriend and a few friends. I spotted thus site and now see that you are off to a beatiful adventure. These pictures are amazing and I hope you are having the best time ever! Miss your beautiful smile! I know somehow, someday, someday are paths will cross again. Big hugs to you! Be safe

Tamara said...

That sunset... do things get any better than that? Good for you!