Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Dinner

I hosted both sides of my huge family in my home for Christmas dinner this year. Over 40 people arrived, laughed, ate, played games, and had a great time! Over the past few years, I've pretty much stopped cooking. A serious gourmand, I used to cook elaborate meals at least every 2 months for friends and family, but hadn't cooked a major meal in just over 2 years. I hadn't made a holiday dinner in nearly a decade!

This year, I volunteered to make the Christmas turkey, and despite my lack of practice, I broke out my trusty old "Maple Lemon Roast Turkey" recipe. I was a bit nervous that I'd lost my culinary touch, but much to my glee, I hadn't! The turkeys (I cooked 2) turned out juicy, fragrant, and most of all DELICIOUS! I did not have many leftovers. Even the non-turkey-lovers thought it was tasty. Phew! Good to know that when my schedule allows me a bit more free time, I'll be able to get back into making my gourmet meals and start entertaining friends again. I really miss my dinner parties...

Opening a gift: A cool Obama tee-shirt!

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