Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gig at Q's 3/21/08

Last night I performed with Kymberly Jackson at Q's Lounge in Oakland, CA. Kymberly played flute and sang, I played keys, Mark Daniels was on guitar, Dante McClinton on drums and Dewey Tucker on bass. It was so much fun! It was a very freeform performance; meaning, we played music with freedom and spontaneous fun, listening to each other and creating a musical experience. I had a great time and the audience appeared to as well.

I'd started the day feeling a bit fatigued (I've been staying up way too late and yet still getting up relatively early... gotta break that habit). But as the day went along, my energy level rose, definitely a good thing!

It may be time to get a new gig rig. I currently do local gigs with a Roland keyboard controller and sound module, but whenever I play the controller, it feels so wimpy! I'm used to playing a great acoustic piano at home, so playing a keyboard with only modestly weighted keys just doesn't feel good. I bought the controller simply because it weighs less than a standard keyboard, yet gives me the 76 keys that I require as a minimum (for when I need to play classical music on the thing). I really, really, really don't want to lug around a big, heavy keyboard for local gigs, but I have to do something. Maybe there's a super lightweight keyboard out there (or controller that I can use with a laptop or sound module) with weighted keys that truly feels and sounds good to a dedicated pianist, like myself. All of the best keyboards I know about are very heavy. Any suggestions?

Thanks to my friends and family who attended the show:

Carla and William P.
Darlene C.
Tony W.
David A.
Leo R.
Phil W.
Charles B.
Vernon & Empress H.

I hope to see YOU at the next show! : >

Happy Easter and Spring Equinox!

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