Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Tonight I performed at Hotel Nikko with the Jeanette Harris Band. As always, Jeanette, Mike and Patrick were GREAT!

Jeanette plays with tons of soul and has a consistently lovely tone. Mike and Patrick are always solid and in constant communication, so as to make the gig an absolute pleasure.

I played well, using my A-37 keyboard and a sound module. I'm glad I was able to get in over 9 hours of practice this week, but I'm still striving to find a way to make 15 hours my standard practice commitment (perfectionist that I am). I'm trying some new strategies in 2007.

My beautiful mother was my date for the evening. She was resplendent in a gold 2 piece gown and (faux) fur stole. I wore my lovely black gown with rhinestones :

After the performance, I danced (solo, as I am wont to do!) for nearly an hour before changing and packing up my gear.

I think my level of my fatigue is finally catching up with me. After a long holiday season of consecutive gigs, rehearsals, church services, piano students, school concerts, recitals, etc., I'm ready for a (short) break!

If I am to make any New Year resolutions, they would be these:
1. To be the best I am able to be
2. To practice 15 hours per week
3. To get adequate sleep
4. To find more time for fun, friends and family
5. To continue being fabulous!

Performing with Jeanette was a great way to say goodbye to 2006 and welcome 2007! I have a most positive attitude and am determined to find the silver lining in any clouds that may appear, and remain open to receiving each blessing that is coming my way!

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You look beautiful!