Monday, March 19, 2012

Perth, Jakarta and Cancun: Part 2


We packed up and flew to Jakarta via Bali on a rainy morning after the show in Western Australia.  I never can stay awake on an airplane (dry air combined with engine hum, I suppose is the reason), so I slept nearly the entire flight.  Despite the fact that we were going to fly on the same plane, and that our layover was only 45 minutes, we were instructed to deplane and hang out in the airport.  So, I've technically been to Bali...but not really.

 Roman sleeping soundly

Bali Airport

We arrived in Jakarta just in time to have a passport fiasco.  Apparently, some musicians were selected for an extended passport review and our first group were forced to sit at the airport for 4 hours while being "processed".  The second group were allowed to pass unencumbered and we ended up all riding to the hotel 2am!  And then we had a 7am call for sound check.  No complaining! lol

Jarkarta Airport

I managed to find a few moments to watch George Duke perform at the Java Jazz Festival, but missed all of the jam sessions, Herbie Hancock, Al Jarreau, and Bobby McFerrin.  Oh well.  No complaining! lol

 Our sound check

After sound check, I went back to the hotel for dinner.  Another group of people were celebrating a child's birthday, and this person was dressed as a character, walking around greeting random diners.  The character was friendly, but a little creepy too.

Our show went well again, but my brain was definitely fried by the time Stevie launched into Giant Steps.  I don't drink caffeine or take any stimulants, so when fatigue hits me, I really feel it!  After the show, we all gathered for a lovely meal with our esteemed employer, and then headed to the hotel to pack for our early morning flights.

Driving to the airport, heading home, passing the mall I didn't have time to shop in...No complaining! lol

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