Monday, January 10, 2011

Online Hiatus: Week 1

Hello friends! As I mentioned in my previous blog, I'm making space in my life so that I can focus on my music at a more intense level. I must admit, I'd become addicted to checking my email, checking facebook, commenting on the lives of others, etc. This past week was awesome in terms of releasing my addiction. I only went online once per day, and just to check for email messages marked "URGENT", only left facebook comments regarding my dog (who's almost back to normal...hallelujah!), didn't return many phone calls (sorry...) and enjoyed the space and freedom to work on music! I practiced, created new ideas for tracks, recorded a song with one of my songwriting partners, and had an overall sense of accomplishment. Yay!

Ok, disappearing again for another week. If you see me, online, please nudge me and say "hey! Aren't you supposed to be hiding?", just like my friend Amy K. did the other day! lol


1 comment:

Jessica Jolia said...

Good for you, Victoria. Enjoy the time to yourself. I'm sure it will yield several masterpieces!