Sunday, October 15, 2006

Keith Urban "Once in a Lifetime" Music Video

Ok, this wasn't a music gig. I was hired as a model for this one. I didn't end up totally on the cutting room floor. If you look really close, and don't blink, you'll see me walking in the background! lol I'm wearing a black top, my hair is curly and hanging down, sunglasses atop my head. They *almost* had a scene with my full face. They just show 1/2 of my face for about .05 seconds!


Keith Urban's "Once in a Lifetime" Music Video

I don't have the exact time codes for when I appear, but using my stop watch, I came up with these!

1. 0:9.85 The starring couple is standing looking at a painting (facing the camera) and I walk behind them, a blond man trailing just behind me. Keith Urban is humming.

2. 0:32.38 The starring couple is facing one another, with the female placing her hand on the male's chest. Keith Urban sings "it's a long shot, baby".

3. 3:58.37 The starring couple is looking into each others eyes, as if about to kiss. I'm hugging a guy, but you can only see the outline of my hair. It's a VERY short shot! lol Keith Urban sings " never giving up".

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